Using Skype to make conference calls, well all you need is a Jazz Hipster! Citron wants A Broadband Bill of Rights. Skype Journal: Skype today represents 1% of broadband usage at any point in time, and this figure is growing rapidly? SkypeIn has now added SkypeIn […]

  1. 1. VoicePulse is giving cash only to one who is subscribing to a competitive VoIP provider and not somebody who is switching from PSTN. So the intramural sport has started.
    2. Given that one can video chat in MSN, one does not have to spend that $100 and be conscripted for 2 years. Does this explain Packet8’s action?

  2. excellent point on MSN/Packet 8. I think the iChat in Tiger is going be an another nail in the coffin of stand alone video phones.

    interesting, stuff on VoicePulse as well. I think giving cash is not a good idea. now you will see the other do precisely the same thing.


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