A New Direction with Tiger?

Something pretty significant occurred a couple days ago when Tiger was officially given a release date. Did you notice? Apple.com shed some of its lighter skin for shiny black, wherever Tiger was present. Honestly, when was the last time Apple.com really changed in a significant way? Jaguar gave hints of a flat aqua look, while Panther before it got some faux fur spots on the title bar…but not much else. Turning Apple.com from white to black makes me wonder about where Apple may be headed in the near future.

Apple hardware has been white and more recently silver for a while now. White describes Apple. Whenever another company releases a product in white, there’s bound to be some Mac enthusiast pointing an accusatory finger and shouting “Copier!” Believe it or not, white was around before Apple, though they made it a brand it seems. Apple wasn’t voted #1 Brand of 2004 for nothing I guess.

Follow me for a second. With a new look to the website, could a drastic change in hardware aesthetics be far behind? I know, “blasphemy!” you say. “Wintel machines are already black.” True, but c’mon people, it’s Apple Computer – “Designed by Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA.” If Apple decided to do black, they’d make it their own and soon thereafter Mac enthusiasts would be accusing Dell of copying Apple. Maybe the limited edition U2 iPod was a test subject to see how black would be received. Maybe it wasn’t.

There have been plenty of speculations in the past year or 2 about the future G5 Powerbooks. At least a couple of the mock designs I’ve seen had the Powerbook in black attire. I even recall discussions of black being an answer to cooling (I’m no scientist, so I have NO clue how that could work, but right on). Recently Business 2.0 magazine did a bunch of mock products that they’d like to see from Apple. A couple of them sport some shiny black very similar to the feel of the Tiger pages on Apple.com. So it seems there are a few people with black on the brain.

What do you think?

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