Wireless glucose meter gives parents peace of mind


GlucomonDiabetech’s new wireless glucose monitor could be a boon for parents of diabetic children.  It is never easy to make sure your child is testing their glucose level when they should and anything that makes that simpler is welcome.  The GlucoMON automatically sends test results as a text message to cell phones and pagers and as an email to any number of addresses, thus making sure you always know what’s going on with your child.  Adults can use it too to make sure they get a written record of their level readings without doing anything extra.  Good idea and it looks like they’ve made it very simple to use.  No pricing available.


Parish Nurse: Jim Kelley R.N.

I’am a parish nurse tring to get pricing on wireless quipment(b/p..glucose..wt scale & wireless thermometer all going to a High definition screen. To create the virtural Home Visit for 78million baby boomers which are retiring/Impossible to tract and cover this population due to the current price of gas and our nation’s nursing shortage. To the company that can package this for seniors and single parents. I would gladly work for this company. This concept would save health care millions.

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