Scientific Atlanta wins $195 million SBC IPTV deal

SBC has awarded Scientific-Atlanta a $195 million, multi-year contract to provide IP-based video equipment for Project Lightspeed that will enable SBC to acquire, process, encode, and distribute digital media content to subscribers. This will get the Project LightSpeed rolling… fast!

Scientific-Atlanta will supply IP video equipment for an IP video operations center (VOC), two national IP video super hub offices (SHO) and 41 IP video hub offices (VHO).  SBC companies will use the facilities and equipment to deliver IP-based video entertainment services to customers within the Project Lightspeed footprint.  Scientific-Atlanta will provide encoders, satellite dishes, video routers, and professional services as part of the contract.   Scientific-Atlanta will also provide professional services related to the initial design and builds of the VOC, SHOs and VHOs.

Just as a reminder, SBC is using 2Wire set-top boxes in its initial blended offering where they combine satellite television, broadband and other services on a single set-top box. Alcatel is providing the network related services and gear to SBC, while Microsoft is the software platform.

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