WordPress 100K and WordPress Inc


wordpress 100K

Nearly three dozen of WordPress fans braved the elements, and dubious choice of a venue to celebrate the 100,000 downloads of WordPress, a fast growing open source weblogging software. The event was at the far end of Mission Street in a bar called Odeon. Cold rain made sure that the bar seemed on the other end of the world from Business 2.0’s offices in San Francisco’s financial district. Technorati, Feedster, and Sfist were well represented. At the end of the evening Photo Matt announced that he was setting up WordPress Inc, which will help support development of WordPress. More details later this week!


XeroCool - What else can I say?

WordPress 100,000 downloads!

Podz, WordPress Dev guy, has caught the big number 100,000 in the WordPress Counter! Horray for 100,000 downloads! WordPress 1.5 has been amazing. Let’s keep it up everyone! :)


WordPress Blogging Software — Now Over 100K Served

errh, that’d be over 100K downloaded. I’m looking at installing a copy of WordPress to try it out. It has some significant advantages over Movable Type such as: password-protected posts, multiple authors and instant publishing with no rebui…


WordPress 100k = WordPress, Inc.

El software libre de weblogging, WordPress, alcanzó los 100,000 downloads y lo celebró con una fiesta. En el evento, Photo Matt, el creador de WordPress anunció la fundación de WordPress, Inc. para ayudar en el desarrollo de WordPress. Zetacorp usa…

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