Do you jybe?

Jybe is a free (beta) add-in for Internet Explorer and Firefox that lets Jybe users jointly surf the web.  This concept is not a new one but the fact that Jybe works on either browser is really cool meaning that two co-workers can browse the same web site via Jybe even if they both use different browsers.  A Windows user can share a browser session with a Mac user via Firefox too.  Jybe is a free service that looks pretty cool and I intend to try it out to see how well it works.  You can check out what users are saying in the Jybe forums before trying the plug-in.  Jybe has some nice business applications of the service as listed on their web site:

Jybe for Business

  • Review HTML based content with co-workers regardless of location
  • Give online presentations without using screen sharing or web-conferencing tools. Learn more
  • Perform research with others using standard web searches like Google and Yahoo!
  • Jybe can be deployed within your organization to enable internet based collaboration. Contact Us for more details.

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