Guess this laptop and win True Launch Bar

The good people at TrueSoft have ponied up another prize to give away to one lucky reader of jkOnTheRun.  They previously gave us a personal license to True Launch Bar which we gave away a few weeks back and now they have upped the ante and we have a Home license for True Launch Bar ($49.00 value) which is good for up to four computers for the winner!  True Launch Bar is a great utility that I reviewed recently and it’s a good deal for the winner.  I had a hard time coming up with a contest to justify such a good prize and decided to make it sort of a web scavenger hunt.  The first person to post the correct make and model number of the mystery device in this photo (under the Sony U750) will get the Home license for TLB:


(Note:  anyone who is in a position to already know what this is due to some involvement with me (i. e. I told you) is not eligible)

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