MCI Buyout: Complete Coverage

MCI, after putting itself up for sale, finds itself in middle of a fierce battle between Verizon, Qwest and its shareholders. I am tracking the story on an ongoing basis – stay tuned here for the latest updates…

* Battle for MCI, Gloves Come Off
* Qwest Guns for MCI Again
* Qwest opens the MCI deal kimono
* The ABC of The MCI-Verizon Deal
* MCI CEO – just making up numbers?
* MCI Frenzy, It ain’t over yet
* Qwest Offers $7.3 billion for MCI
* More Telecom Mergers Ahead
* M&A Madness in telecom land
* Telecom: Party like its 2005
* Sordid Saga of MCI
* Verizon buys MCI for $6.8 billion

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