ThinkEquity’s first The First Cardinal Sin

Updated with Corrections Michael Moe of boutique investment research firm, ThinkEquity Research seems to have committed the first cardinal sin of our world – he did not give proper credit where it is due. In an article in The New York Times announcing his company’s weblog, he said “he got the idea from Tony Perkins, a founder and former editor of Red Herring magazine who has started AlwaysOn, which is using blogs to discuss business and technology issues.” Well not so fast. Moe who is the former director of global growth stock research at Merrill Lynch, should have done more research. The original idea came from James Enck of Diawa Securities (Sorry James – call it Move inspired loss of reason) and the thread was then picked up by Stephen Castelleno who contacted everyone from me, to Fred Wilson and started an open source research project. If this is the level of due diligence, then I wonder how accurate the research is.

PS: Tweaks me no end – that wrong guy gets credit for a brilliant idea. As far as I am concerned, the debut never happened. If you are a blogger worth your venom dipped keyboard, then no one should ever link to these guys!

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