jkOnTheRun joins The Podcast Network

The podcast world is all atwitter over the announcement over the weekend that The Podcast Network (TPN) has gone live and I am ecstatic to add two of my own announcements to that pot.  jkOnTheRun is proud to announce the soon to be released techADDICTION (TA) podcast as part of TPN and I am quite happy to join the team.  TPN is the endeavor of Cameron Reilly and Mick Stanic of G’Day World fame and the network is already shaping up to be an entertaining and informative source of podcasts that cover a wide range of topics.

I will be recording the techADDICTION show with good friend and brainy guy Kevin Tofel of kct’s digital world and I can tell you we are both excited to be involved with Mick and Cam. TA will be a weekly show that discusses just about everything to do with mobile technology and how it relates to the real world.  We plan on having entertaining interviews of people you read every day and generally having a good time talking about subjects that get our motors running.  The first show should be appearing soon so check often so you can get your Doppler or iPodder (or your podcast engine of choice) tuned in so you won’t miss an episode.  The techADDICTION show will nicely augment the jkOnTheRun experience and I am confident you will enjoy this audio extension of the site.  For those of you who might not be aware Kevin does a weekly Commute Cast available on his site that he records once a week while driving to work.  You should check it out and listen to all the near accidents he has because he’s not paying attention to his driving.   :)

The second announcement is another one I am very excited about.  I will be hosting The Tablet PC Show on TPN, a show that will be the only podcast I am aware of that is devoted solely to the Tablet PC.  If you’ve been reading jkOTR for any length of time you know that I love the Tablet PC and how much it improves my mobile computing experience.  It is going to be a blast to do a show about these remarkable devices and I plan on covering a wide range of Tablet news and topics.  There will be regular interviews of people active in the Tablet PC community and who knows, maybe we’ll even get Bill Gates on the show.  The Tablet PC Show should go live next week so check The Podcast Network blog often for news and of course, I’ll keep you informed here.

Enjoy the shows!

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