Naptster CEO Calls iPod Users Stupid

Okay, so Napsters CEO doesn’t “directly” call iPod users stupid, but in an interview Chris Gorog talks about Napster’s newest marketing ploy which will “be communicating to people that it’s stupid to buy an iPod.” Stupid? Napster will be selling music on a subscription based model using technology that will allow you to transfer your music from a PC to a portable device. Seeing as iTunes has the market in digital music sells, Gorog believes the best way to overtake the market is by mud slinging.

Now…I’m all for some friendly competition. No one will ever have a true monopoly in this area of commerce and the competition helps bring about newer, better technology. But stupid? How is it a good marketing strategy to tell people their $250+ purchase of the most popular digital media player on the market today is “stupid”? He can’t honestly expect people to drop their iPod for some 3rd rate subscription service of a company that’s been around the block multiple times now.

(Hat tip: MacDailyNews)

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