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  1. No prescription xanax generic. Friday, January 28, 2005
  2. haha yay! Thanks a bunch Todd (whomever you are – hope you gave james permission to post your name, lol). You’re an awesome individual, I’m overwhelmed by your generosity.

    And James: congrats! Must be nice to have a U once again. :D Looking forward to those pics comparing the moleskin to the U whenever you have time. :)


  3. I am still amazed.

  4. todd must be freaggin loaded to give something like that way

  5. Congrats jk! Hey Todd; you couldn’t spring for some new handwriting for jk too????



  6. Congratulation on getting the U. If the previous poster had something to say about your handwriting, I sure hope he doesn’t see mine! How do you manage to write well on the U? It’s so difficult for me. Since the screen does not require a digitizer, I have to hover my hand above the screen to avoid errant touches. Therefore, it makes my handwriting look something awful!

  7. Oh so cool! I’m sure you’re having a ball with it. Congrats! And Todd – u da man!

  8. Hey, I was on my best behavior with that handwriting. What are you talking about? :)

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