In India They Call it VoIP Racket

A bunch of engineering students rigged together a voice over IP network in the southern city of Madras and allowed folks to make and receive long distance calls, bypassing the monopoly networks. Basically, a person called a local number in India, and that number turned voice into data, and sent it along using high-speed connections to the destination. And vice-versa! The whole scheme came crashing down, when a moron of Reliance mobile user “found it strange that he was talking to a relative abroad while his mobile showed a local phone number.” You dude, why couldn’t you just keep talking. Anyway, the Indian authorities see it as a VoIP racket. If they were in US, the venture capitalists would be running to fund their company. Anyway here is a link to the story, which is even more confusing than the network architecture of this so called racket! Apparently these kind of tricks cost Indian telecom operators around $200 million a year. More than 200 such exchanges have been busted in the country over the past few years.

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