Audio shootout- iPod Shuffle vs Sandisk MP3

M_shufflesandiskThe iPod Shuffle has been the hot topic of discussion since Steve Jobs announced it at MacWorld last week.  The littlest iPod is a flash memory based player that comes in two flavors, 512 MB and 1 GB.  Sandisk has long been the king of flash memory cards and many people don’t realize they have been producing MP3 players for a while.  The Sandisk MP3 (affiliate link) player is shorter and slightly wider than the iPod Shuffle but there is where the similarities end.

Dave’s iPAQ normally covers topics that pertain to iPAQ Pocket PCs but Dave ponied up the cash for an iPod Shuffle for his wife.  He’s not happy with that decision and has an indepth comparison between the iPod and the Sandisk.  Read the review before you plop down your money on the newest iPods.  Here’s something from the article I found very telling:

So which one do you think is the better deal? For $16 less I am getting a FM Player, Built in display, Built-in Equilizer, Voice Recorder and free arm band! Yes you have to add batteries to this unit, 1 AAA but remember what Apple says the rechargable batteries will eventually die. Overall the Sandisk will stay in my wife’s hand and my new iPod Shuffle will be placed on Ebay. Sorry Apple . . .

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