Reports of the death of the Sony Vaio U750P have been greatly exaggerated.  Just found this on CompUSA:

Reports of the death of the Sony Vaio U750P have been greatly exaggerated.  Just found this on CompUSA:


By James Kendrick

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  1. For me, $2K is too much to spend on something I would carry around with me and possibly lose. I have enough worry over my $500 devices.

  2. Just get a (very) strong lanyard and wear it like a pendant. :)

  3. All I can say is that it’s about the best $2K I’ve ever spent:)

  4. Vidge, I agree with you whole-heartedly. I sure miss mine. :(

  5. $2000?! How’d you manage that? My embarassing total so far is (after rebates, before taxes and shipping):
    1800 U750P
    360 DVD+-RW (Sony, bootable)
    36 Case (Sony)
    270 Extended battery
    50 Printer (180-130 Sony rebate)
    150 Wiflyer wireless b modem
    50 Naturally Speaking 8 std.
    90 USB mic for VR
    50 Ghost/Partition Magic
    27 Styluses (3 – searching for soft tip)
    450 monitor (Samsung 193P from J&R)
    30 XP books
    250 Microsoft Office (to buy after trial)

    And I just got a 20%-off-accessories coupon from Sony. Uh oh. Hello A/C adaptor, camera, case? Maybe third battery? After all, it’s on sale!

    Definitely not in my cheap nature, but here I am.

  6. CompUSA is not the only one carrying the device. I was in Microcenter this past weekend and found one on display. My roomie put up with my new gadget frenzy for about 30min then dragged me kicking and screaming out of the store!

    Here is the link to the product page on their site:


  7. For those interested in more details about the U, here is the link to the U-750p Sony page. I think this page has been updated/changed since I bought mine.


  8. Fry’s has them available also.

  9. Joe
    You bought a lot of stuff! So far I’ve bought:
    1800 for unit (not including tax
    36 for case (best deal out there IMHO)
    46 for BT CF card
    25 for recovery disks
    99 for extended battery (used the 200 off coupon)
    total $2006!
    I already had a Sony usb floppy & I picked up a usb CD burner for $75 but not specifically for my U so I didn’t include that. I did get that 20% off coupon but honestly, I don’t feel compelled to buy anything else.


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