2nd Pepsi iTunes promo starting soon.

Apple has (quietly) announced the beginning of the second Pepsi/iTunes promo. This year’s promotion will be giving away 200 million free iTunes song codes–under 1 in 3 bottle caps, according to the promo page. In addition to the free music, Pepsi is also giving away an iPod mini each hour, potentially up to 1,700 of them.

The free iTunes song codes will be available beginning January 31st under specially marked 20 oz and 1-liter Pepsi bottles, as well as some fountain drinks available at participating locations. The special bottles and cups will be available through April 11, 2005 and the codes must be redeemed by May 23rd. Apple will also concurrently offer a free iPod mini each hour from February 2 to April 11th in a drawing from entries Apple is limiting participation to 10 code entries per day or 200 total. The promotion is expected to be publicized in a Super Bowl commercial on February 6th, much like the promotion was last year.

Hopefully, Pepsi and Apple have solved some of the problems that affected last year’s 100 million song giveaway, where delays in getting promo bottles to some markets, people figuring out how to read the codes without buying the soda, and problems with the ink used to print the codes all caused some headaches for both Apple and Pepsi.

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