Longhorn’s Getting There…Slowly

As Steve put it, Tiger will be here “…long before Longhorn”. I loved that (though was dismayed at the failure to give a hard release date – oh well).

Longhorn was originally slated for…last year. It’s still almost 2 years out at last count. (read Wired’s Vaporware 2004 mention of Longhorn – number 3) And to make things worse (for Microsoft), they’ve decided to scrap the WinFS file system which was supposed to be the Windows answer to Spotlight in Tiger.

But I guess we should give MS a little credit. According to this posting over at Slashdot, Longhorn will be relying much more heavily on the Graphics card to do more heavy lifting.

Correct me if I’m wrong (my wife doesn’t hesitate), but didn’t we get Quartz back in Jaguar? Since then we’ve had Panther, and within 6 months we’ll have Tiger which takes the next steps to use CoreImage at the OS/graphics card level. So what’s that, – like 5 years behind by the time Longhorn ships? I guess it could be worse…

Luckily for all those Windows users, the Mac Mini is now available and provides OS X’s power now.

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