Mac Love

PC users like PCs. They enjoy using them, building them, tweaking them. Some may even develop a special liking for a certain machine. Mac users on the other hand, love Macs. We feel a connection to every peice of hardware and software. It speaks to us, becomes a part of us. Our own machines become our sidekicks, our best friends. Other machines are instant friends. This fact is a testement to the way Apple works as a company, and the kind of products they make. Apple focuses on us, the user. Everything is tweaked and tested and re-designed until it is truly a beautiful peice of art. From the ease of use of OS X, to the “heart beat” every machine shows when it sleeps, Macs are more human than PCs can ever be. It is our dedication to our machines, and Apples dedication to providing quality products that makes this relationship work. Many of a mac lovers worst and best moments involve their machines. Be it a first experiance with your mac, or the horrible sight of seeing your PowerBook drop to the ground, macs allways have a special place in our hearts. This love drives us, and drives this blog. It is a huge part of out lives, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.

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