Griffin TuneJuice: Battery backup for your iPod.

Man, Griffin must have emptied their cupboard of cool product ideas and brought them all to MacWorld, as I ran across Griffin’s new TuneJuice today. TuneJuice is an inexpensive alternative to the rechargeable battery packs that some manufacturers are already selling for the iPod. Where others, like Belkin, have opted for rechargeable lithium ion batteries to provide eight to ten hours of juice for the iPod, Griffin opted for using 9 volt batteries to provide the same battery life. (That’s right, one nine volt battery will power your iPod for up to eight hours.)

The cost savings by not using a Li-Ion battery show up right away in the purchase price, as TuneJuice is about one-third to one-fifth the price of Belkin’s comparable products. Even when you add about $15 – $20 for the price of picking up a rechargeable 9 volt and charger, the TuneJuice still looks like a heck of a deal.

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