Mac Mini – Don’t Get Stiffed on the RAM

Ordered your Mac Mini yet?

I have, but I’ve got the same problem I always have with Apple computers, only this time with no alternative.

See, the Mac Mini comes with just 256MB RAM, that really isn’t a lot for OS X and most people are going to want to upgrade that to at least 512MB and quite possibly 1GB. Apple let you do this through the normal BTO system, but as always, the prices on the RAM they fit are so inflated that it’s just not economical to do so.

For example, here in the UK, a BTO option of 512MB costs an extra £50. That’s actually not bad when you consider that a 512MB DIMM will cost you about £50. But if you want to upgrade to 1GB, the BTO cost is a whopping £290 (or $425 in the US).

I can buy a 1GB DIMM for £113 ($222) and that’s retail (and probably not the cheapest); Apple can probably get them a lot cheaper than that. I can’t imagine that the actual time to install will cost much more than the money they save on those 256MB DIMMs. That means, even just considering the difference in retail, Apple is making over £170 ($200) each time you select a 1GB BTO option.

Of course in any other piece of Apple hardware we could fit it ourselves, but Apple have made it clear that this is an Apple Authorised job only. Even so, you’ll probably still save money buying a 1GB DIMM somewhere else and getting it fitted after purchase than including it as BTO.

Don’t get stiffed on the RAM; that £170 ($200) can go towards another Mac Mini ;)

PS: Note as well the usual horrendous over-charging here in the UK which makes the difference and costs even worse (the high-end Mini-Mac costs us $750, compared to your $599, even before we add extra RAM).

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