Hot Links picks jkOnTheRun

One of the most useful link blogs I have been checking daily for well over a year is Hot Links, a blog that posts a lot of links to interesting articles and web sites.  Hot Links is the fruit of Yahoo’s Jeremy Zawodny Fran├žois Hodierne and what makes the blog so useful is the reader’s ability to customize how much content you are delivered during your visit, coupled with an actual screen image of the web page being linked.  It is nice that you can click on the screen shot and see if you want to click to the actual article.  Very useful and Hot Links posts links to a very diverse range of subject matter.  I clicked over this morning and much to my delight found that not only did jkOnTheRun appear on Hot Links but the link is not just to any one article but to the site as a whole. Thanks to Hot Links contributor Jeremy Zawodny.  Woo Hoo!



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