Working the Rumor Mill

In the days and weeks leading up to any major Mac event, the web is bulging with all sorts of rumors about what the big announcements will be. From headless iMacs to the fabled iPhone, everyone seems to have a new idea about what we will all be drooling over for the next year. The rumor mill depends on apple, and apple likewise depends on the rumor mill. Apples secerative buisness practices breed ideas. The rumor mill, once it gets those ideas right, generates hype for the up coming product. From what we know now, it seems that there will be multiple announcments at MWSF. Some of the rumors hold more grouind than others. It is allmost certain that we will see some sort of Powerbook upgrade, most likley to a faster processor and more VRAM. It is also likley that we will see the flash iPod, and firewire breakout box. These are the rumors that have been with us for months, and thus, have gained much evidance to support them. But, when you get this close to crunch time, we start to see loads of rumors that have no basis other than the exited words of someoe “close to apple”. This year, the $500 is the buzz of the rumor circuit. Ian did a great breakdown of the short comings of this rumor. What it all comes down to is that us mac-heads are dreamers. We all fantisize about the perfect system. Some of us take these ideas farther, but most of us keep them close to our hearts. Of course, nothing can be certain until MWSF, and until then, the amount of rumors will only grow. My only advice is to not take them too seriously, for fear of being gravley dissapointed.

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