Half Life 2 killed my laptop video?

I have a Compaq laptop with a 15.4" widescreen.  This laptop is great for gaming and since getting the Sony U-70 it is all I use the laptop for.  I have encountered a weird problem that I think is related to Half Life 2 and I thought I would run it past you and see if anyone has any ideas what could cause this.

Until a month or so ago I was playing both Doom 3 and Halo (the first one) on this laptop with no problems.  Then Half Life 2 came out and I played it all the way through and it looked just a great as the other two games.  Now that I’ve finished HL2 I have tried going back to both Halo and Doom 3 and find that the video quality in both games sucks.  I mean, it’s virtually unplayable as if the video quality settings are at the minimum.  In game lighting is particularly affected.  It is a real mystery as nothing (other than Windows Updates) have been installed since HL2.  Anybody got any ideas?  Has anybody seen any mention of problems caused by installing Half Life 2?

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