The Alpha Bloggers

MSNBC has an article about the "Alpha Bloggers" and the impact they have on not just blogging but on mainstream events.  The A-listers discussed in the article are all well known to anyone who has been involved in blogging and the author looks at how they have become blogging heavyweights.  You will find such names as Dave Winer, Doc Searles, Robert Scoble, and Adam Curry mentioned in the article.  The author points out (not surprisingly to me) that these A list guys spend a lot of time blogging about blogging, and they link to each other a lot.  That’s what helps make them big shots.  If you have any interest in blogging then the article is worth a read.  Who knows, maybe these guys will all see this mention in their "vanity feeds", otherwise known as ego-surfing, and if they all link back to me then I can be an Alpha Blogger too.  :)

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