iPod Killer?

Christmas season is upon us and online magazines have been musing about an “iPod Killer”.

Here’s why I believe these “other guys” are looking at a sizable challenge:

iPod has struck the ultimate balance of features, portability, usability and outstanding design. The “other guys” are trying hard to match this balance, but inevitably run into the next problem: Brand.

Apple was first to market with the best player, worked very hard on developing a killer brand. It has successfully propelled the iPod to a fashion statement for trendy people. All the kids want it. Adults want it. It’s made its way to just about every company-sponsored Christmas Holiday party give-away. Sweepstakes sites are all over it. A man even proposed with one.

What’s with this “iPod Killer” concept anyway? What desperate monster would seek to kill such a cuddly creature? On one hand you have the iPod, on the other hand you have “everything else that’s trying to beat it”. That pretty-much gives everything else an aura of “second-rate items”. Kids know this. I don’t see parents likely to risk going for “second-rate” on their one yearly attempt at spoiling their little brats rotten, in a feeble attempt to save a measly buck on similarly spec’ed devices. “Gee Mom, thanks for the … brickBox … ?” *rolls eyes*.

Christmas is harsh.

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