It seems that there is a new Windoze emulator out for Mac. iEmulator claims to be just as fast as Virtual PC, but are more realistic in their approach.

The G4 numbers are lower than what another commercial emulator is telling me; it says my emulated PC is running at over 1 GHz!

The numbers we quote (200-550MHz on a 1.5GHz PowerBook) are actual program execution speeds. The 1+ GHz numbers quoted by other emulators are just what the emulated “hardware” is telling Windows (it’s the number you see when you right-click on “My Computer” in Windows and select “Properties”; it means nothing as far as real-world performance). We’re confident that iEmulator is one of the fastest, most efficient PC Emulators for Mac OS X available.

This is a refreshing new approach to emulation. As opposed to claiming amazing new speed enhancements, they admit that an emulator is allways going to be slow, so the customer should just live with it. This approach also allows them to sell a seemingly high quality emulator for only 30 bucks. I havent had the chance to fiddle with it yet, but Ill post back if I hear any yays or nays on it.


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