Deal Gone Bye Bye?

After reading an article in both Wired and on CNN’s website as well as talking to several people who had successfully completed their requirements and received their free iPod…I decided I to would give a try. I personally know I completed not 1 offer, but TWO, over a month ago and the site still shows I have no credit for those offers. I have even refereed over 30 people and it shows that NONE of them have completed their offers either. I find that hard to believe that at least one person hasn’t completed their offer. So I then attempt to contact and for over a week I’ve heard nothing from them. I’m beginning to think they’ve run away and hidden in a dark hole somewhere.

As of late I’ve only heard of more and more people trying to get referrals but really nobody saying they’re seeing fruits of their labor. I wonder what this means for the Gratis Network?

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