Wanted, A Few Good Men & Women


There should be no shame in imitating something which is absolutely brilliant. So inspired by one full year of Mobitopia addiction, I want to start a group blog on Broadband. I want to call it, The Broadband Daily. Unlike other blogs, it will be mostly original content, and will focus on 10 most important aspects of broadband. The categories for the weblog are: Internet Voice, Internet Security, Peer-to-Peer, Broadband Applications, UnWired, Wired, Fiber Future, Connected Home, Broadband Content and Wireless Apps. If any of these areas excite you, and you have a lot to say, do let me know. Drop me an email, or perhaps leave a note in the comment space. I envision Broadband Daily as a journal, with more thoughtful posts. Of course, like Mobitopia, you can cross post on your weblog and TBD. Interested?


Marc's Voice

I’m interested – sign me up

I’d climb entire estuaries of diligence to become one of the ‘good men (and women I suspect)’ who will be part of Om Mailk’s new ‘Broadband Daily’ group blog. I promise to write about only the coolio-ist things which require qa complete broadband appro…


Robert, can you send me an email via the contact form so we can start discussing this.


Robert J. Berger

I would be interested in writing on Open Spectrum and other broadband wireless, Municipal Networks, and generally breaking the last mile bottleneck.


ahhhh, the ‘””RECON”’ of VOIP and WHO da players TRULY are!!! I would love a “””POINT RECON” position in the Band of Broadband Brothers!



Wilma…. i am deserving of that smackdown. I was just trying to be cute with that stupid title, …. should have known better. Pardon me please?


Why just “men”? Om, in one breath you agree with Russel about Silicon Valley living in its own little world and not understanding wireless. Yet in another breath you exclude women with “a few good men”? Apparently lots of people live in their own little worlds…


Don, thanks for the email and your kind words. I am getting in touch with you offline. look forward to chatting – best


I’d be interested in such a thing as well. I have many opinions and ideas that would fall into the topic of “UnWired”, and was actually thinking about starting a wifi blog myself. But something like this would definitely stand out much more than a single voice. Since you’ll probably want more convincing, procyin[at]rogers.com is my email address.

Good luck on the venture!

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