Konfabulator widgets

I have mentioned a couple of times on jkOTR how excited I am that Konfabulator is coming to Windows XP.  It has occurred to me that readers not familiar with the Mac or Konfabulator may be saying "who cares" so I thought I would show a tiny sample of the widgets that make Konfabulator so cool and useful.  Konfabulator is basically a utility that provides a nice platform for developing and displaying graphical utilities on the desktop.  What makes it such a useful utility are the hundreds of widgets that have been developed by users and shared on the Konfabulator widgets web site.  I am sure that we will start seeing WinXP specific widgets appearing as soon as Konfabulator for Windows is available.  To give you a very quick idea what these widgets can do here are a few of them from the widgets library:


epod- iTunes controller


Brisbane Traffic Widget


Colorado Air Quality Advisory


NASA Astronomy- displays pictures from NASA archive at set intervals


Connecticut Traffic Widget- traffic in real time for Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport


GMail Status Widget


DropImage- converts images to any of 6 different image formats by dragging the image onto the widget


Nu Jongg game


Local Movies- rated and times given


World Clock Pro


New Fullscreen Clock

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