Jon Udell demos Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8

Jon Udell’s Weblog has an interesting video demonstration of the new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Dragon is a speech recognition program that has long been one of the best at this complex task.  Capturing speech from a microphone and converting it to accurate text is a complex procedure and quite daunting in its scope.  Jon takes Dragon and puts it through an exercise of dictating a simple document into Word while demonstrating some of the key useability features of the program.  Of particular note Dragon has an auto punctuation mode which attempts to add punctuation based on the pauses in the dictation.  He mentions Dragon also gives the new user the option to have the program scan your email and documents to incorporate the individual writing style in the profile building.  Interesting demo and anyone who is curious about this technology should take a look.  I regularly use the speech recognition tools built into the Tablet OS 2005 but it definitely looks like Dragon would give it a run for the money.

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