Come on Scoble, play fair!

Robert Scoble has a blog that is probably one of the most famous out there in the blogosphere. He is able to blog so much interesting stuff because of his unique position at Microsoft which lets him have contact with the movers and shakers in the IT world. His main blog is in my favorite blogs list and his links blog pulls interesting links from all over the world. I never miss a single post of his. Ever.jkOnTheRun has never been mentioned on either of Scoble’s blogs though not for lack of effort. So tonight I’m going through his links blog as usual and I run across this link he has posted from the LonghornBlog where they mentioned that they are a finalist in the CMP Tech Blog Awards contest. The same contest in which jkOTR is also a finalist. I read through all the remaining links and I don’t see the one from this site that mentions we are a finalist. Nope. Not there anywhere. I guess he forgot to link to this post from jkOTR.Seems like that might give the LonghornBlog an advantage in the voting to me. That’s hardly fair, is it? So come on, Scoble. Give us a link about the contest finalist thing. Just to be fair. :)

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