A different kind of VoIP ATA

Another day, another ATA. Apparently this one from Vocal Technologies is different, or so the company claims. It is about to introduce a new kind of analog telephone adapter design based on SIPv2 & patent pending algorithms that will cut per unit cost by over 50% – allowing the smaller ISP cost effective entry into the voice market. In their press release they say that, ” Unlike traditional architectures, VOCAL’s ATA hardware and software designs fully utilize modern DSP resources and advanced patent-pending algorithms to eliminate the need for an additional RISC processor, reducing the cost of typical building materials by as much as $8 per design.” VOCAL’s 2×2+1 ATA solution supports up to two telephone lines, two Ethernet ports and a PSTN life-line port for automated voice service switching in case of a power outage or network disconnection and is stackable to larger port configurations. Aswath always talks about how all ATAs should work with all VoIP service providers. Is this the answer.

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