VoIP: How much is a phone number really worth?

Martin is back in Scotland, and is doing some deep thinking. Some if it even mere mortals like me can understand. Anyway read this piece to basically understand that even $4.99 a month for a London phone number Vonage is charging, is just too much money. Lingo charges $9.99 by the way. Martin’s rant is inspired by today’s announcement of Virtual Vonage in London. Aswath points out that VoIPUser is giving away UK#s for free, so why bother with Vonage, or Lingo?

Compared to a $10/year domain name, phone numbers are very expensive. If you though Verisign was a rip-off, you’re only dealing with the amateur side of the address space sport. Whilst we’re on the economics of phone numbers, it is worth noting that not all numbers are equally valuable. Obviously, there are sequential, alliterative or lucky numbers (123-4567, 777-0000, 888-8888) that are sometimes sold for a premium. Then there are desirable area codes, such as Manhattan’s 212 prefix, or 0207 in central London.

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