Sharp Muramasa is a tiny workhorse

Sharp_muramasa_pic_1A nice review of the diminutive Sharp Muramasa CV-50F has been published on the French web site Sorobangeeks and although the translated article is a bit difficult to read it seems they really like the tiny notebook computer. The Sharp packs a surprising amount of punch in a very svelte form and even throws in some welcome features too. The only potential weak spot that makes me go hmmm is the decision to use the Transmeta Efficeon processor (1 Ghz) of which I have read conflicting opinions. But the Muramasa can take up to 512 MB of memory and has both a CF and a SD slot for maximum expansion possibilities. One of the neatest features is a direct USB cable that lets you connect the Sharp to another computer, where the Sharp then appears as an external disk drive for easy copying. The review has a lot of detailed photos of the Muramasa and it is amazing to see just how small the notebook really is.(via Sorobangeeks)To check out the complete specs of the Sharp Muramasa just continue reading.



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