NYT buys into Verizon’s FTTH tripe

With baseball season winding down, I often am left staring at the World Series of Poker on ESPN. Everytime, I watch the show, it reminds me of the big phone company guys, bluffing and trying to win the mega-billion dollar pot. The favorite trick they tend to pull is a big article in some major publication, showcasing a little town where they have put fibers. The latest one being in this morning’s New York Times. Most articles are done to impress people. Jeff Jarvis was certainly impressed. The other aspect is turning the heat on FCC and pressuring them into handing over monoplistic control over consumer networks for next 100 years. The Bells have said time and again, FTTH is coming. Reminds me of the Boy who cried wolf. A few things which I might like to add. We as consumers have not much choice in the matter. This high-stakes poker is being played by deep pocketed companies and their lackeys in the government, the House and the Senate. Plain and simple. Our only hope is cable companies, and well in many ways they are lesser of the two evils. The Times article does not really go into the analog problems with FTTH. The high cost of installing the fiber, not the technology but the human costs. Add to mix the problems of getting content – aka television – is not an easy proposition. Disneys of the world will basically squeeze the bells’ cojones so hard, that they would get a serious reality check. David Isenberg’s reponse is even more colorful.

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