The Five Digital Disruptions

Digital disruption is happening all around us. Music, Movies, Telephone, … it all is being digitized, chopped, assembled and reassembled by us.

Between Tivo/PVR functionality (now integrated into one chip), P2P file sharing platforms, Hi-Def. TV, BitTorrent, broadband Internet, falling HDD costs, rising CPU power, we’re seeing a confluence where entertainment should continue to be interesting and challenging for both the content providers as well as us the customers. [PVR Blog]

I had a chance to chat with Bob Bailey, chief executive of chip maker, PMC Sierra, and we got talking about the disruptions being caused in the technology food chain. Bailey gave me his five digital disruptions that are going on presently in the world, and how they are creating opportunities and at the same time destroying some old industries.
As you might notice, that this list is missing two critical disruptions – wireless networks and VoIP. They are equally potent, and dangerous to the future of some of the old guard, except that we are still in the first innings when it comes to these two technologies.

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