ShoulderDolly- lighten your load

DresserBigscreen3The ShoulderDolly brings true meaning to the term mobile technology. Utilizing a couple of harnesses that two people wear, this amazing device allows the lifting and moving of very heavy objects simply and safely. I first saw this a few days ago in a photo of the ShoulderDolly being demonstrated at the CEDIA 2004 exhibition and two people were effortlessly moving a refrigerator up a flight of stairs. The ShoulderDolly comes in a Light Duty version for everyday folks and an industrial version for more heavy lifting duty.“The Shoulder Dolly® Light Duty™ lifting system utilizes the strength of the large Shoulder and Leg muscles for lifting and carrying, freeing up the small hand and forearm muscles for better balance and control. The system has been proven (with lumbar motion monitors) to significantly reduce strain and risk of injury to the low back.”Thanks to TRFJ for jogging my memory.


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