Do you feel safer?

On this anniversary of one of the most senseless acts in modern history, many people in the US are asking “Do you feel safer today than 3 years ago?” I think the only answer is- should we feel safer? By that I mean how can anyone be truly safe from fanatics who are willing to commit the most heinous acts of terrorism? How can any agency or government protect everyone from a senseless act whose only purpose is to produce fear in the survivors? Terrorism doesn’t work as an act of war as it doesn’t kill enough people to make a real difference in a wartime situation. Its only purpose is to produce unease and fear in those who are left behind.Do we want our government protecting us from every single possible bad thing that can befall us? The answer is sometimes. Sure we need them to provide basic security and laws that prevent unscrupulous people from doing things that cause us harm. But can they really protect us from someone willing to strap a bomb around their waist and blow innocent bystanders up? I don’t think so for to provide that level of security would require us to give up virtually all freedom that we enjoy in the US today. Why don’t we put the responsibility for the horrible results of terrorism on the maniacal people who perpetrate these cowardly acts? I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the government to provide us absolute security from fanatics such as these.It’s important to remember that acts of terrorism are an affront to all humanity and not just the US and our allies. They offend everyone world-wide as they should. But terrorism will continue and flourish as long as the criminals get global publicity which is all that they are after. As I said a terrorist act that results in the deaths of a few people don’t advance whatever cause these people are “fighting” for but the resultant publicity gets them far more than it should. To the mainstream media I would make one request- please stop giving the terrorist what they are after and that is repeated showing of every single terroristic attack. While you certainly have the right to tell that story I find it irresponsible to show over and over the hooded hostage who is about to be mindlessly murdered. This is exactly what these animals want and you are handing it to them every single day.

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