Chaska really cheap Broadband

Chaska, a tiny town of 22,000 in Minnesota is offering broadband Net for $16 a month. That is cheaper than anything cable and DSL guys are offering. Chaska is using a city-run wireless broadband Net access service for $16 a month . “We see it as a quality of life issue,” Dave Pokorney, the Chaska city manager who oversees the project, called told the Star Tribune. “At one time, people needed to have telephone service at home, and now most people want and need Internet service at home. And when you have higher-speed Internet, it’s a powerful communications tool.” speeds range from 80 kilobits per second to 2 megabits per second. The city has become a giant hot-spot, by using 200 antennas mounted atop city-owned light poles. the service reaches an area of about 14 square miles and covers the homes of about 95 percent of Chaska’s 22,000 residents, the daily reports. Chaska is leading a trend of cities offering Wi-Fi Internet access, Roberta Wiggins, a research fellow at the Yankee Group in Boston told the Star Tribune. Fifteen other cities are experimenting with public Wi-Fi systems that provide limited coverage. Philadelphia and Boston are among them.

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