AlphaSmart Neo- return of the Tandy 102

tandy-102neo_largeSome people just want a portable word processor to carry around with them so they can write whenever they have time. AlphaSmart has just released the Neo which does just that. The Neo is a simple word processor with a monochrome 6 line screen that is attached to a full sized keyboard. It’s light and runs on 3 AA batteries. It has a word processor (AlphaWord Plus) installed in ROM which includes a spell checker and thesaurus. It’s a definite retro device that some might find useful. At $249 I think I’d just get a Radio Shack TRS-80 Tandy 102 from eBay for less than $50. The specs of the two devices are amazingly similar, which is why I call the Neo a retro device. I had a TRS 102 back in the 80’s.

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