A musical MVNO

The mobile virtual network operator concept has taken it on the chin in recent days because of some hiccups in the pending initial offerings of Metro PCS, and Virgin Mobile. But that might be temporary. Yesterday, Bouygues Telecom, a French mobile company teamed up with Vivendi/Universal Music and launched a new French mobile brand, Universal Mobile. Through this MVNO agreement, Bouygues Telecom provides GSM and GPRS capacity, distribution and marketing assistance. Universal Music provides the SIM-based service. Universal Mobile targets 14-20 year-olds with three monthly contract tariffs, of EUR 19.90, EUR 24.90 and EUR 34.90 for usage on voice calling, SIM and downloads. Reuters says, “It offers personalized ring tones and access to hit music singles. Vivendi hopes the service will help music sales.” No financial details were revealed – that means like you can trust the French details. “In a marriage, it’s indecent to talk about the dowry,” the head of Universal Music, Pascal Negre, told a media conference. If this is any indication, that one should not be surprised a Wal-Mart phone, a Disney Phone, and a ESPN phone. It is only a matter of time – not if, when.


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