Push-to-talk over WiFI?

CNet News.com points to some FCC documents and says that US cellular carriers are extending push-to-talk to WiFi networks as well. The story is not clear about what’s going on. “It’s unlikely that any Wi-Fi push-to-talk services, which at their core are based on VoIP technology, will launch any time soon. If they do get up and running, they could prove to be a revenue generator for Wi-Fi hot-spot operators, which could charge users a fee to use their networks and split the revenues with cellular providers,” CNet News.com writes.”The FCC did not state which U.S. carriers are working on the hybrid technology.” I mean does anyone really care? Or should we care? Anyway since this report is about CALEA and tapping VoIP, Aswath has an intriguing post, about the whole thing, and like most of us, is rather confused about the whole thing.

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