Fat Fingers- find misspelled eBay items

eBay generates over a billion page views a DAY. Of the tens of millions of items for sale on eBay at any given time, how many misspelled item names prevent the auction from showing up in a search? The correct answer is thousands. A very enterprising individual has a web site called appropriately Fat Fingers that let’s you search for items that are misspelled. Enter in your item name, hit the GENERATE button, and Fat Fingers generates a link that you click based on dozens of permutations of your search term. Click the link and instantly eBay gives you all active auctions for those items that are misspelled by the seller. You should be able to pick up some real bargains with no one else bidding against you. Innovative and jkOTR salutes you. Thanks to The Red Ferret Journal for this jewel.

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