Toshiba’s new 1.8″ 60 GB hard drive

tosh_60_gb_hddToshiba announced two new 1.8″ hard disk drives this week with production expected in the third quarter of this year. The drives come in a 30 GB model which slims down the drive to only 5mm, and a 60 GB model, which is the highest capacity drive in the 1.8″ form factor. Rumor has it that Apple has already ordered a ton of these drives for the next generation iPod. The big capacity of these drives means we will likely see some interesting devices next year with unheard of disk space. This is the same drive size currently in the Sony U-50/70 so it’s possible there could soon be a 30 or 60 GB HDD upgrade, although the 60 GB drive might be too thick to fit in the already crowded Sony U.

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