All MT all the time?

File this one in the “Blogging world is so incestuous category.” By now unless you are a presidential candidate you have heard about Anil Dash, a former New York hipster who has sold his soul to Silicon Valley and moved to the left coast. He has this little blog, which is kinda popular, and that makes him an A-List blog-dude. On his blog, he has this thing called sidelinks, which actually got the whole sidelink movement started. It is a compilation of lots of funny things, interesting things and even sometimes sad things. So why is it that I see at least one or two mentions of MoveableType/Six Apart every day? I am sure there is a world, and links outside those cubicle walls. My theory is that Anil just is drinking the kool-aid :-) and like all SV folks is becoming tunnel visioned. We want the old Anil back. (PS: Anil still remains one of my favorite peeps in Planet Kalifornia! Also I simply ran out of things to say, so I am picking on AD! :-) Anil no offense meant!)

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