Siemens goes Blackberry

Since I last ranted about Blackberry versus Good, there has been an update. Siemens launched a new phone, SK 65 which has Blackberry built in. While cross-shaped SK65 might not win any design points, it does prove my point that surely and slowly Blackberry is going to become a wireless e-mail standard. In addition, RIM announced a new plan, BlackBerry Built-In, that will let phone/PDA makers include BlackBerry software – including BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry Calendar and BlackBerry Browser applications — into their own devices, in addition to BlackBerry wireless services. Brian commented on the earlier post, “From a usabilty perspective, I think the Mac PC comparison holds true. Blackberry is simple and intuitive; Goodlink on Treo is akward and boated.” Damian points out, “I’ve tried both the Treo/Goodlink and Blackberry – and for email, Blackberry wins…..simply a better keyboard.” Now if Good was that great, why would Cingular announce a new wireless enterprise service using Seven’s software. Mind you Cingular has been the preferred network partner for Good.


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