Finally a WiFi printer that’s cheap

hp_5850I have 6 computers in my house all wirelessly connected via WiFi which makes for a nice simple network with one exception. Sharing printers is never clean as I have avoided putting a WiFi print server up due to the added expense and maintenance hassles. What I’ve wanted was a cheap high quality inkjet printer that has built-in WiFi so it could hang right on the network and be shared by all. That wish is now a reality as HP is selling the Deskjet 5850 for $149 at Best Buy, OfficeMax, and several other retailers. The 5850 is a typical HP inkjet printer with pretty decent specs that offers photo printing and has integrated 802.11b. Simple setup and go, the way it should be. It will handle 5 computers wirelessly right out of the box. It also has both USB 2.0 connectivity and an RJ-45 jack for wired networks. So long print servers!


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