07/19/2004 Randomly Speaking

  • BayAreaFreeWiFi.com: Bay Area residents can take a free Wi-Fi guide on their IPOD. Download from here.
  • AT&T has failed to sell its take in Canadian wireless company, Rogers Wireless. ATTWS refused a $1.15 billion offer from Rogers Communications, the company that owns a majority stake in Rogers Wireless.
  • Reuters reports that despite rumors, mobile virtual operator, Virgin Mobile is going to continue with its IPO plans
  • Bold and the UltraWideBand, is the name of the latest Silicon Valley drama, according to The Register. The UK daily is at the IEEE meeting in Portland, Oregon where Motorola’s DS-UWB and Intel/TI’s Multiband OFDM are going to duke it out, and put the future of UWB in doubt.
  • WiMAX has big plans: A more unexpected battle, but one that shows where the ambitions of the WiMAX camp are heading, broke out early in the IEEE summit, over television broadband. Proposals to allow sharing of underused US TV spectrum by wireless devices could open a whole new range of opportunities for WiMAX, and the 802.16 group and its greatest cheerleader Intel are keen to take the driving seat.

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