Got a Netgear Travel router

netgear_wifiWhen the Netgear Travel WiFi router was announced it went squarely up against the new Apple Airport Express WiFi base station. The Netgear offers an extra level of security for travellers trying to use it in a hotel that could be important for security for business travellers. I got my Netgear router today and I can only say one thing- WOW! The device is the size of a pack of cards and the power adapter is really small too. All of it can be carried in the included travel case making for a small package for travellers.

Setup was really easy and to use it without WEP encryption requires no configuration whatsover. Why would you run it without WEP encryption? Isn’t that a breach of security? Well, with other routers I’d agree but what sets the WGR101 apart from other Wireless routers is the Single User Mode. That’s right, you can set the router to only allow one wireless connection which is allocated to the first WiFi device to connect. So, if you’re using it to set up a WiFi network in a hotel room (what it was designed for) then it is still secure even without WEP. Of course, you can configure WEP anyway for an additional layer of security for your network. The router can also be used as a standard multi-user WiFi router making it a full-fledged router in any setting. To test it I have connected it to my existing WiFi network in my home office and all I can say is my first 802.11g session blew me away. Fast, fast, fast! And this with the Sony U-70’s built-in 802.11g capability. This will be a great device for business travellers who don’t want to be tethered to a hotel wall connection. Highly recommended and inexpensive too.

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