Sony U-70- Jack of all trades- in a box

u70_024This field bag, that my wife laughingly refers to as my “man purse” is a simple field bag I picked up at The Discovery Channel store (or equivalent) at the mall a few years back. I got it to carry some gadgets around but I don’t use it much- reference the remark above. But I’m using it now. It’s now a laptop bag, small as it is. Any snickers others might have disappear when I start taking my stuff out of the bag. No, they’re not laughing for long.I have spent the past day setting up what is certainly the most innovative mobile computing device ever made- the Sony U-70P ultra-portable computer. Sold only in Japan, the U-70 is a techno-geek’s dream: 1 Ghz Pentium M with 512 MB of memory, 802.11g WiFi, 5″ vivid LCD screen displaying at 800×600, full array of cursor control buttons, on the fly orientation changing, fold-up keyboard, headphones with intelligent remote control, USB 2.0, firewire, CF slot, Memory Stick Pro slot, and chock full of software goodies to help take advantage of the whole package.u70_022

In fitting with the diminutive size of the Sony the entire caboodle I received fit in a box that you might be able to fit a basketball inside. Maybe, maybe not. When you take the U-70 out of the packaging and look at it in person for the first time you are taken with how much is crammed into this little form factor. The device is a simple black and silver, with attractively arranged buttons serving many different functions across the front sides.u70_021Turning on the device, no, the COMPUTER for the first time is a mind blowing experience when you see the familiar Windows XP Professional start screen fire up. It’s hard to believe this little device a little bigger than large PDAs is a full Windows box. How complete is the implementation? In the next few installments I’ll be doing a thorough review of the device, software, accessories, and most importantly, how it stacks up in everyday mobile use.I spent a fair bit of time loading the Sony up for software bear with MS Office, OneNote, eReader, Norton SystemWorks, a bunch of web stuff, and other utilities and programs. This is a true PC and you can put anything you want on it. And the headphone remote even controls Apple’s iTunes for Windows. Sweet.u70_020u70_016I’m putting the U-70 through it’s paces now and will be posting more thorough looks at the usage of the machine later. Enjoy these first looks (all images click for larger pic).

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